Humphries Ceramic Wall Tiles

Humphries Ceramic Wall Tiles


Are you planning a tiling project? Before you buy and especially before you start tiling, have a quick read through this post, as it can prevent you from making some basic, common mistakes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you;)

1. Wrong budget
Don’t forget to factor in all accessories (trims, leveller, adhesive, grout), tools (see number 4 below) and the cost of a professional tiler, if you are hiring one. Every project is different but for a rough estimate, double the price of the tiles to include a tiler. Request a quote before you buy tiles to make sure the project is worth doing.

2. No layout
Plan your layout in advance, including areas where partial tiles are needed. Fewer tiles to cut will result in a faster process and a smoother overall look.

3. No surface check
Before you start, make sure that the surface is level, clean and flat. Put on a leveller if the floor is uneven, and scrape off any wallpaper from walls. You may want to sandpaper your walls and sponge off the dust before tiling for a smoother surface. Finally, think about protecting the adjoining areas from your tools and materials with tape and plastic or cardboard covers.

4. Missing tools
Check that you have all necessary tools before starting in order to avoid delays & frustration (level, wet saw, triangle ruler, chalk line, sponges & protective clothing, such as gloves, eyewear, masks, knee pads).

5. Not enough tiles
Order at least 10% more to allow for breakages, wrong cuts, difference in measurements, etc. See our tips on how to use surplus tiles, but keep a few spares just in case!

6. Wonky tiles
Correct any tiling mistakes immediately and don’t wait until the adhesive has hardened; scrape it off, put on new adhesive and readjust the tile or replace any chipped/cracked ones.

7. Untreated tiles
Use a sealer on tiles before grouting, as unglazed tiles need sealers to protect them from grime & dirt, as well as conserving their colour and making them easier to clean.

8. Grout or adhesive on tiles
Sponge grout or adhesives off tiles asap but don’t use too much water, as it could dilute the grout.

Want to know more? Keep checking the blog or pop into our store for a quick chat.